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How to Get Custody of a Child in Colorado

Child custody is an issue that must be discussed within a divorce involving minor children. During negotiation or mediation, our Denver divorce lawyer can help you make a decision regarding child custody to establish a parenting plan. When negotiation is not possible in your case, the family court will make a custodial arrangement.

Factors that Determine Child Custody

Colorado courts base child custody decisions on the best interest of the child. Different types of criteria are used to determine this element of your case, such as the following

  • the child and parents' wishes
  • the quality of each parent's relationship with the child
  • parents' ability to provide for child's needs (both physically and emotionally)
  • which parent has been providing care
  • willingness of each parent to support the child's relationship with the other parent
  • any allegations or convictions of abuse or another crime against both parents

Along with child custody, the issues of child support and visitation must also be discussed and resolved. Learn more about custody rights by reading Colorado law on children and domestic matters.

Types of Child Custody

Two classifications of child custody exist: physical and legal. Physical custody refers to the parents' right and responsibility to care for the child on a daily basis. The parent with physical custody must care for the child's basic needs and make everyday decisions for the child. Legal custody refers to the parents' right and responsibility to make large decisions regarding the child's upbringing.

The parent with legal custody will have to make decisions regarding school, religion, and medical care. In the state of Colorado, judges prefer to award joint physical and legal custody to both parents. Parents are allowed frequent and regular contact with their child. Sole custody means that one parent is given complete responsibility and rights to the child's upbringing and the other parent may be granted visitation rights.

How to Prepare to Get Custody of Your Child

Whether you are preparing to establish child custody or change the terms of your agreement, you should follow these steps! Our Denver divorce attorney can explain the different steps and which one is best for your goals.

  1. Identify the type of child custody that you desire. Parents can have physical or legal custody over their child. They may also have sole custody or joint custody, also known as shared custody. Decide which one is best for you and your child, and pursue it.
  2. Submit a parenting plan. Write a detailed plan of how you expect the custody arrangements to work out. After you have outlined your expectations, submit a parenting plan to the court.+Download a parenting plan form and other related forms.
  3. Compile evidence for your case. Make sure that you have substantial evidence to back up your claims. If you believe that you can provide for the child best, obtain financial proof. If you want sole custody because the other parent has a history of abuse, obtain court documents or police reports that prove it.

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As you seek rights to child custody, you will need an aggressive legal guide by your side. We can attempt to negotiate a settlement to start, but we never compromise your legal rights. When negotiation is not possible, we can take your case to court. Our primary goal is to protect the best interests of the child involved. We offer upright and honest representation that you can trust during each phase of your divorce. Contact us today to speak with a Denver child custody lawyer that you can trust!

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