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Denver Spousal Support Lawyer

Factors Used to Determine Maintenance

Spousal support, often called maintenance, is a payment from one spouse to another during and after divorce. Maintenance is determined based on many factors, including the ability to pay and the standard of living of both parties. Spousal support must be set in a legal agreement between all parties. Payments are made on a temporary or conditional basis and must be adhered to by the paying party. Before the court determines a spousal support award for the receiving party, you should be aware of the factors used to determine maintenance. Duration of the marriage, the income of both parties, the earning capacity of each party, as well as many other considerations, will be assessed.

How to Calculate Child Support in Colorado

Colorado has proposed a new legislation to develop a formula to calculate child support. The temporary maintenance formula that is established in C.R.S. § 14-10-115 states that the court must consider the guidelines that closely follow this calculation. This proposal has caused much controversy because it removes the discretion of the court to determine maintenance based on unique circumstances in favor of a standard formula. Through mediation, however, you are not required to use the state's formula for spousal maintenance. At Sturniolo & Associates, we can work with you to arrive at a support arrangement that adequately protects the needs of your family. Maintenance formulas may not be flexible enough to account for the unique qualities of your family. Whatever process you choose, speak with our Denver divorce lawyer for the legal help you need!

Modifying a Maintenance Order with Our Divorce Attorney in Denver, CO

After a divorce is finalized, the law permits you to petition to change the maintenance order. If your life circumstances altered, such as if you lost your job, our firm can discuss the grounds for change that can be accepted. Some reasons for modification include either party's remarriage or delay in another's schooling. Unless another method is agreed upon by both parties in a contract, maintenance will end upon the remarriage of either spouse or co-habitation with another person for six months or longer. We can assist either the recipient or the party who is required to pay maintenance. It is imperative that you make timely payments to avoid legal action against you. If you need a good lawyer to handle your divorce, contact us today to speak with a spousal support attorney in Denver!

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