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Benefits of Mediation

If you are going through a divorce, then you may want to pursue mediation as an alternative to taking your case to court! Mediation has a number of advantages for couples who want to end their marriage amicably. Here are the top 5 reasons to use mediation:

  1. You have more control. During mediation, you will choose the topics that you want to discuss and can settle things in your own way. You will have the final say over your children and your finances. If the case is taken to court, a judge will have the ultimate decision.
  2. The case is resolved faster. Those who pursue mediation can control the amount of time to resolve the case. When you rely on the courts, you will have to wait a significant amount of time to get hearings and court dates.
  3. It is less expensive. Since mediation takes less time, it significantly cuts down on legal fees and court fees. Long and complicated divorce battles can be a significant drain on your bank account. The average cost of a divorce in the U.S. is around $15,000, whereas mediation will be a mere fraction of that cost.
  4. It is private. A mediation session can take place in a home or another place that has privacy. If you take the case to court, you will be arguing in a public courtroom.
  5. It brings more stability. Because each spouse is heavily involved in the settlement, there is a better chance that they will follow the rules of the divorce plan. Court-ordered plans may not be as easy to follow, especially if one spouse did not achieve their goals.

Contact a Mediation Attorney in Denver

If you have decided to pursue mediation, then make sure that you have an experienced attorney that can look over your plan. At Sturniolo & Associates, our Denver divorce lawyer can help you through your case. Our firm's goal is to make sure that you have a favorable outcome and a peaceful future. Call today for more information!

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