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How do I survive my divorce?

It is not unusual to be in emotional turmoil over your divorce. No matter how badly you need the divorce, it still can be an emotional roller coaster, especially with the delays in the courts. There are things you can do to lessen the pain and anxiety. Your attorney can assist you, especially if he is experienced, since he has been down this road with hundreds or thousands of cases. We have handled thousands of cases and know first hand the pain and worry that comes with this process.

You may have been with your spouse for many years and have fear about how you will survive alone. One avenue is to obtain counseling to help you weather the storm. I would hesitate to solely depend on friends. They are well meaning but frequently give poor advice. They may have been through their own divorce but your case is different and they cannot use their divorce as the example on what you should do.

Falling back on spiritual avenues is always helpful. Your dependance on a higher power, God, can only benefit you in providing an anchor to depend on.

Family can also be helpful but again be careful. If they allow you to lean on them for support, that is good. Be careful about the family member that is full of advice, especially unwanted advice.

For more information about how to survive your divorce, please get in touch with Sturniolo & Associates. A Denver divorce lawyer from our firm can provide much-needed guidance!

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