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Blog Posts in December, 2013

January is Divorce Month

After the holidays die down, divorce picks up. That is why many media outlets now call January "divorce month." There are a variety of different reasons why January is considered divorce ...
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How Christmas Gift Giving can be Parental Alienation

During divorce, the court will help to decide a comprehensive child custody plan for parents which will determine who will make decisions for the children and where the children will live while they ...
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Getting an Uncontested Divorce

In Colorado, no matter how complex a couple's situation is, they can achieve an uncontested divorce if they can reach an agreement on several main issues. These would include: agreeing on a ...
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Seeking Mediation During the Holidays

If you and your ex-spouse are having a difficult time determining when each parent gets to keep the children, it may be best to sit down with a skilled Denver mediator and go over a very detailed ...
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Understanding the Divorce Process in Colorado

Whenever a couple seeks a divorce, it is imperative that they understand the laws in their area, as these can vary wildly from state to state. If you want to get a divorce in Colorado, then you need ...
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Enforcing Child Support

There are no exceptions. Every state places a duty on each parent to support their children, regardless of whether the parents are divorced, unmarried, or separated. In spite of these laws, however, ...
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How to Handle House Division in your Divorce

Chances are that you only have one house. If you and your spouse are currently pursuing a divorce, then only having one house may present a very complicating problem. One spouse will doubtless move ...
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Should I Stay or Move Out of the Family Home During Divorce?

Once you file for divorce, you will confronted with many major decisions, one big one being whether or not this is the time to move out of the marital home. Not only does the home likely represent ...
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What is the Difference Between Physical and Legal Custody?

If you are currently determining custody of your children post-divorce, you may be confused by some of the legal terminology. A lot of times, the courts will refer to legal custody and physical ...
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