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January is Divorce Month

After the holidays die down, divorce picks up. That is why many media outlets now call January "divorce month." There are a variety of different reasons why January is considered divorce month. First of all, most families with children like to wait until after the holidays to file. The holidays are supposed to be a wonderful time filled with family. Many parents want their children to be able to enjoy one last holiday as a family before things change. As well, some parents may hope that the holidays will be a time to rekindle their love for one another. If the holidays don't provide a path to forgiveness, couples may determine that they need to call it quits.

As well, January is a popular month for divorce because children may be in between semesters. If the parents choose to separate and the children need to switch schools, it is best to make this change while the children are on break. Parents also sometimes get bonuses during the Christmas season. They may need this holiday bonus to put towards their divorce.

Sometimes, divorce becomes somewhat of a new year's resolution. A new year means a new start, and many individuals decide that January is an excellent time to get that new start. Right out of the gate, some adults choose to break up an unhappy marriage in favor of pursuing their own interests. At Sturniolo & Associates, we can help you with your divorce or with a mediation and reconciliation process. If you new year's resolution is to try to make up with your spouse, then a mediation path may be best for you. If divorce seems to be your only option, then we can also provide you with legal service as you go about your divorce case. Hire a Sturniolo & Associates Denver divorce attorney to get started with your January divorce today!

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