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A Father's Right to Maintain Contact with the Children

Fathers have specific rights honored by the courts. Unfortunately, father's rights are typically harder to enforce than a mother's rights are. This is typically because a mother is the caretaker of the children and they may have a closer bond with her, especially when they are young. However, courts are still required to honor the father's requests for custody or visitation post-divorce and if it is in the best interests of the child the courts will typically make sure that the relationship between the children and their father continues after the separation has been completed.

In fact, unless a restraining order is put in place, fathers have the right to maintain an ongoing relationship with their children through regular contact. This can be with letters, e-mails, social media interaction, phone calls, and visitations. Sometimes this can be challenging, especially when children are very young or when they are teenagers and start to develop their own busy schedules. You will need to work with the children's mother to establish an effective routine for staying in touch with your children. The courts may even initiate a schedule for you that you can use to maintain this regular contact.

If you have been an absent parent for a significant part of your children's lives, it can be difficult to step back in and resume visitations. You may need to earn your children's trust again. If you have been banned from visitation because of a substance abuse problem, then your visitations may be supervised to guarantee that you are a safe influence on your children.

If you want to learn more about father's rights, or have questions about your rights as a father post-divorce or after establishing paternity, then talk with a Denver Divorce Lawyer at Sturniolo & Associates today. The attorneys at this firm are dedicated to working through solutions with clients to maintain peace within the family and work towards a satisfactory outcome.

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