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Should I Wait to File for Divorce Until After the Holidays?

Even though you may know that your marriage is headed toward a divorce, timing can be everything. Particularly if you have kids, you may feel the need to endure the holidays as a couple, keeping this celebration unspoiled for your children. And yet you may wonder if it would be best to end things as soon as possible; holiday stress can be the final straw for some relationships. That being said, children of divorce have said that their parents' divorce during the holidays inextricably linked that holiday with the divorce. And you might also find that your relatives will be less supportive if you pursue a divorce in the midst of their holiday. If you think you might want to wait till the golden holiday dust has settled before you file for that divorce, then you are far from alone. As soon as January 1st hits, divorce lawyers are inundated with phone calls.

For those who are unsure about pursuing a divorce at all, it may often be best to hold off on the decision until after the holidays. Some experts say that waiting to decide can give couples the opportunity to see if they can resolve their issues, and the holidays can be an especially good time to try. But if you have decided on divorce, and have decided to wait to file, you can work to keep things respectful with your spouse, avoiding any fights whatsoever, especially in front of the kids. You are waiting to divorce for the sake of holiday peace, after all. You can also take steps to prepare beforehand for the divorce process:

  • As you might be feeling guilty knowing what is to come this New Year's for your family, be aware that this might cause you to buy expensive gifts or to blurt out impossible promises that you normally wouldn't. But you do not want to couple a divorce with financial problems. Keep from accruing debt over the holidays.
  • Keep track of all your finances; keep tax returns, paycheck stubs, bills, etc. This is all information you will need to collect for the divorce. You will also need to plan for the upcoming tax season.
  • Free up your schedule. Things are stressful enough as it is, so do not feel obligated to go to every party or to participate in every school bake sale. See if you can find some time to relax, especially during the holidays. And you can also give yourself the time to you will need for the divorce.

If you are seriously considering divorce at this time, you can learn other ways to prepare for the New Year when you contact a Denver divorce lawyer at Sturniolo & Associates. Find out how our experience and dedication can help you and your family when it comes to starting a new chapter in life.

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