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Working Through Holiday Custody This Year

The holidays are almost here. If you and your ex-spouse created a holiday agreement regarding child custody at the time of your divorce, then you may have already established who will have the children for Christmas, who will get the children for New Year's, and more. If you did not draft a holiday custody plan, then you will want to get together with an accomplished a reliable divorce attorney and work through one right away. It is very important that you seek assistance with your holiday custody arrangements, as these situations can sometimes get complicated.

You will want to sit down with a Denver divorce lawyer and determine whether or not you have the ability to organize holiday time so that it is even. The attorneys at Sturniolo & Associates have more than 35 years of experience in family law, and they certainly understand the difficulties of going through a divorce and sharing your children with an ex-spouse. That is why these attorneys want to help you in any way possible.

If you run into complications with holiday custody, or if a miscommunication leads to arguments, then you will want to talk with a Denver divorce attorney for advice and possible representation. If it is a matter of violating your child custody rights, then you may want to take the holiday custody matter to court.

You can also petition for a trade-off allowing you to make up the time that you lost when your ex-spouse took the children on the wrong holiday. Holiday custody can be arranged in a variety of ways, so that one parent gets to spend Christmas with the children on alternating years. If you want to learn more about holiday custody then talk with a lawyer at the firm today!

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