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What are my rights as a father in Colorado?

When the court determines custodial issues in a divorce case, it is statutorily prohibited from favoring the mother. Unfortunately, many judges still see the mother as the more significant influence in a child's life. As a father, you have rights.

  1. Right to Spend Time with Your Child/Obtain Joint-Custody
    You have the right to have ongoing contact with your child, whether that is in person or through a phone call. You and the child's mother should establish a regular visitation or custodial routine that gives both parents time to spend with the child. If you have lost visitation or custody due to domestic violence or abuse, then you may have to work toward supervised visitations.
  2. Right to Make Decisions for Your Child
    As the child's father, you should be part of making decisions about the child's education, medical care, and other major matters. Both you and the child's mother should work to effectively collaborate about parenting in a way that will best serve your child.
  3. Right to Prevent Adoption
    If you and your child's mother are not married, then she may want to give the child up for adoption. If you can establish paternity, then you may prevent adoption of your child.

Establishing Paternity in Colorado Through C.R.S. § 19-4-105

In order to take advantage of these rights, you must prove that you are the father of the child. In Colorado, C.R.S. § 19-4-105 gives the legal definition of a father.

  • You and the natural mother are married when the child is born
  • You and the natural mother dissolved the marriage within 300 days of the child's birth
  • You acknowledged paternity of the child by filing in writing with the court or Registrar of Vital Statistics
  • You consented to be named as the father on the child's birth certificate
  • A genetic test confirmed you as the father
  • You accepted a minor child into your home and acknowledged he or she as your natural child

You may also be considered the father if you attempted to marry the mother before the child's birth and the marriage was declared invalid. To find out if you are legally established as your child's father, please talk to one of the Denver paternity attorneys at Sturniolo & Associates. Paternity and father's rights can be extremely confusing, so don't hesitate to get legal guidance from an experienced legal representative.

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