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Unusual Divorce Assets to Consider During Property Division

If you are currently going through a divorce, then consequently you will probably have to deal with property division. Some of the assets considered in property division are obvious. These include the house, the bank accounts, furniture, and other household items. Yet there are some items which you or your spouse may possess that can sometimes be forgotten in the chaos of a divorce. If neglected now, these assets can lead to court battles later on.

One asset that can cause a significant amount of arguing is a collection. This is especially true if the collection is a collaborative one, contributed to by both spouses. Some couples find it enjoyable to collect things such as Beanie Babies, Norman Rockwell art, Wizard of Oz memorabilia etc. If you are a collector and you and your spouse are getting a divorce, you will want to carefully think through whether or not you should divide the collection. It may be best to sell the entire collection to a museum or another historical artifacts location and then split the finances instead.

As well, spouses can often get into large debates over photographs. Now, most photographs are digital, so it is possible to scan photographs so that both spouses have a copy. If you or your spouse is set on having on a particular photograph, it may be best to get a mediator or a divorce attorney involved to help work through this situation. As well, divorcees need to think about how they will split their frequent flyer miles, their digital files, and their patents or goodwill.

All of these intangible assets can set off an argument in the future when one spouse wants to enforce his or her right to take a particular item. If you want more information about asset division during divorce, involve a Denver divorce attorney at Sturniolo & Associates in your case. With the right attorney on your side you can trust that you will get the assistance that you need!

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