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What is the Most Popular Day to File for Divorce?

According to research, January 6 th is considered the most popular day to file for divorce. Research completed by a team of United Kingdom psychologists suggests that the Monday after New Year's ...
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Understanding the Divorce Process in Colorado

Whenever a couple seeks a divorce, it is imperative that they understand the laws in their area, as these can vary wildly from state to state. If you want to get a divorce in Colorado, then you need ...
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What is the Difference Between Physical and Legal Custody?

If you are currently determining custody of your children post-divorce, you may be confused by some of the legal terminology. A lot of times, the courts will refer to legal custody and physical ...
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Calculating Child Support in Denver, Colorado

Whenever parents split up, they both have the duty of providing financial support for the children they had together, regardless of whether or not the parents were married. In Colorado, these child ...
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What are my rights as a father in Colorado?

When the court determines custodial issues in a divorce case, it is statutorily prohibited from favoring the mother. Unfortunately, many judges still see the mother as the more significant influence ...
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Welcome to Sturniolo & Associate's Blog!

Since 1950, Colorado's divorce rate has averaged out to more than 50%. With this high divorce rate, there is a pressing need for strong and honest divorce counsel throughout the state. At ...
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