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Denver Family Law Attorney

Are you looking for a lawyer for a family law case in Denver?

At Sturniolo & Associates, our Denver family lawyer has served clients for more than 40 years. We begin each case by discussing the potential for reconciliation when possible. If this is not an option, we work with the client to develop a strategy designed to obtain a fair result. We look beyond the present circumstance to pursue an outcome that would benefit the family's future.

Schedule a case evaluation today so that we can begin carefully preparing for your case. We can attempt to negotiate a settlement without compromising what you are legally entitled to and what is important to you. When settlement is not realistic, we can begin preparing your case for trial with aggressive technique for a successful result. We offer honest and uncompromising representation for the following types of family law cases:

Child Custody

In a divorce that includes children, child custody is often the most contested issue. Each decision will have to be carefully assessed to make sure that it represents the best interest of the child. Courts in Colorado do not discriminate based on the parents' gender, and each party is given an equal opportunity. Judges favor joint custody in most situations so that the child has continuous contact with both parents.

Child Support

Both parents of a child hold the responsibility to financially care for him or her. After child custody decisions are made, support orders will have to be determined. To ensure that the child does not suffer from lack of financial or other forms of support by either parent, a court order specifying terms of support is often issued. If you need assistance deciding on child support or need help enforcing payment, we can assist you!


Divorce is the legal process that permanently terminates a marriage. The process is commenced by filing a petition for divorce in the district court of your county. A divorce can take any length of time depending on its complexity and the willingness of each party to get along. Colorado state accepts no-fault divorce cases, which means that fault does not have to be proven for a divorce to be obtained.

Domestic Violence

Are you suffering abuse from your spouse? Our firm can help protect you against domestic violence by taking action to keep the perpetrator away from you. In Colorado, a peace officer must arrest the suspect if there is probable cause that domestic violence has been committed. We offer compassionate counsel to people involved in these often traumatic situations. If your rights were infringed upon due to a false claim of domestic violence, our firm also can discuss your case with you.


Divorce mediation proceedings provide a way for parties to terminate their marriage without interference of the court. A third-party mediator can act as a go-between for both parties. Mediation is a facilitated discussion rather than a formal proceeding and can help individuals calmly discuss their wishes.

Post-Divorce Modifications

If your circumstances have changed and you wish to alter the terms and conditions of your divorce order, we can help. Whether you have recently lost your job or you wish to move and relocate your children with you, Sturniolo & Associates can equip you with the comprehensive knowledge and tools needed to handle these matters. Let is guide you through the process and help you properly make alterations to your divorce decree.

Property Division

In any divorce case, one of the most contested issues is how property will be divided. Colorado law says that all marital property has to be divided through equitable distribution. Equitable does not necessary mean property will be divided equally but rather in a manner that reflects what the judge determines to be fair. Several factors are taken into consideration to ensure that property is fairly divided.


Relocation occurs when one parent moves a substantial distance away from their former spouse. This only affects those who have children involved and one parent wishes to take their children with them. Whether you are the parent that wants to relocate your children or you wish to keep them close by, a family law attorney can provide assistance. We can help you understand the Colorado relocation procedure and standards as well as your options in the matter.

Spousal Support

Spousal support, often referred to as alimony or spousal maintenance, is a monthly payment from one spouse to another after divorce has taken place. The purpose is to even out both parties' financial states. Many factors are assessed to determine to whom and how much is required. Maintenance is often granted to the spouse who is unable to support him or herself.


In Colorado, visitation is called parenting time. After child custody is decided, a parenting plan will be decided upon to allow parenting time for the non-custodial party. After preparing a parenting time plan, the court can approve the agreement. The family law court will determine whether it reflects the best interest of the child. Our firm can advocate for your argument as to what you believe is in the best interest of your child.

Denver Family Attorney Protecting the Legal Rights of Our Clients

We know that divorce is not an easy choice. Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, it can be an emotionally tragic situation. With the help of our Denver divorce lawyer, you can be confident in the result of your case. At Sturniolo & Associates, we maintain high integrity and strong moral standards as we help our clients navigate their cases. Whether you choose mediation or another form of divorce, we can help you and your family get back on your feet after the divorce is made official. Our firm is prepared to provide you with honest service that benefits your future. Contact us today!

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