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Parenting Plans

Denver Child Custody Attorney

If you are headed towards divorce and have minor children, we want you to be aware that Colorado strongly encourages that a child continues to have frequent and meaningful relationships with both parents. When divorcing couples have children, in regards to child custody and visitation, the courts will look at which situations would be the most conducive for the child and they urge the parents to do the same.

Unfortunately, there is overwhelming evidence that the children of divorce or never married parents are losing contact with one parent and are suffering emotionally and developmentally as a result of this. A key factor in maintaining continuing and frequent contact with your children is through the creation of a parenting plan. Your parenting plan will be a written statement that outlines your arrangements concerning your children and will be an important guide if your relationship with the other parent becomes less cooperative in the future.

The amount of child support depends on a variety of factors including the parents' relative incomes and the number of overnights spent in each parent's home respectively. It's important to note that child support is both parents' responsibility and both parents will be required to financially support their children.

How to Submit a Parenting Plan to the Court

In order to obtain joint decision-making ability, both parents should submit separate plans for the court to review, or if possible, the parents should submit an agreed-upon plan. If the parents cannot agree on a parenting plan, or if the court does not approve the plan submitted by both of the parents, then the court will establish a parenting plan for the parents to follow and the court will use the following guides as a reference:

  • The locations of each parent and how much time each parent will have with the child;
  • The child's education including after school activities;
  • The child's religious upbringing, if any;
  • The child's health care;
  • The parents' ability to provide for the child;
  • Holidays and vacations; and
  • Any other factors that will affect the child's physical or emotional wellbeing.

It's essential that any plan that you and the other parent proposes takes these guides into consideration since a judge will be looking at them too. It is much better to have a judge approve a plan that you have proposed as opposed to having the court impose a plan that may not work as well as your ideas.

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