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Divorce Lawyer in Denver

Colorado Divorce Laws

Filing for divorce may be the most emotional and difficult situation you ever face. Whether you have been served divorce papers from your spouse or are yourself pursuing divorce, you will need strong legal guidance. Colorado has, along with many other states, included a no-fault basis for divorce. No-fault divorce means that fault is not necessary for a divorce to be obtained. Most divorces within the state are based on the grounds that the couple has irreconcilable differences that cannot be repaired. Colorado's residency requirement specifies that at least one spouse must be a resident of Colorado for three months before filing for divorce.

How to File for Divorce in Denver, CO

Dissolution of marriage can begin by filing for a no-fault divorce with Form 1101. If you and your spouse have children together, then please read the instructions for filing with children. If you don't have any children then please read the instructions for filing with no children. Please note that all forms must be printed on bonded, acid-free paper.

At Sturniolo & Associates, we can discuss the various topics included in a divorce case. During our case evaluation, we can help you assess issues such as:

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

Your divorce may either be contested or uncontested depending on whether you and your spouse are able to reasonably discuss the terms of your divorce. Contested divorce means that your legal process will require court interference and may be long and more costly than if the case can be settled out of court. Uncontested divorce cases can be handled through mediation and settlement, which can reduce the cost, time, and stress associated with divorce.

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At Sturniolo & Associates, we carefully assist clients through their divorce cases to protect their best interests. We begin by pursuing reconciliation if possible. When divorce appears to be the only option, however, a Denver divorce attorney at the firm will work with the client to develop a plan for a fair result and a healthy future. Your family is important to us, and we can work to carefully and thoroughly prepare for your case. During the case evaluation, we can determine the most profitable strategy for you. Our firm's integrity and high ethical standards are evident through each phase of representation, which is an attribute that sets us apart from other firms. To find an attorney for your divorce case, contact Sturniolo & Associates today for the diligent assistance your case requires!

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