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Property Division Lawyer in Denver

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Are you dealing with the distribution of property in your divorce? Our Denver divorce lawyer can help you make important decisions regarding the division of your marital property. Property distribution in Colorado is governed under C.R.S. § 14-10-113, which deals with the specifics of how assets should be fairly divided. Colorado is an equitable distribution state, which means that property does not have to be divided according to a 50 / 50 split. Instead, the court can use its discretion to make certain that all marital property is distributed in a fair manner.

At Sturniolo & Associates, our founding lawyer, Attorney Sturniolo, has substantial experience assisting people who are facing high net worth divorces and complex asset or business separation issues. If you and your current spouse have a substantial amount of property that must be divided, do not hesitate to speak with us at once.

Marital Property

You will need to begin by identifying the different types of property you and your spouse possess. Marital property includes items that were acquired during the course of the marriage. Whatever you and your spouse have contributed to the marriage that was obtained prior to exchanging vows is considered separate property. Separate property can become marital property when "co-mingled." In many cases, the court will evaluate all circumstances and divide assets accordingly.

At Sturniolo & Associates, our lawyer knows the laws surrounding your case and can help you accurately separate you property. He also can advocate aggressively for your best interests in court. Our team has handled more than 1,000 family law cases and can use this extensive trial experience to your benefit.

Property Division Factors

The court does not take into consideration marital misconduct or many other factors when evaluation property distribution. Considerations that are made include the contribution of each spouse to the marriage, the value of all property, the economic circumstances of both parties, and the increase or decrease in the value of each party's separate property. Property and debt division can be settled between both parties through mediation or negotiation instead of in court if the parties can agree to terms. A marital settlement agreement can be decided between the divorcing couple to avoid the interference of the district court.

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A Denver divorce attorney from the firm can help you no matter what route your case takes. We use integrity and ensure that your rights are not being compromised. If you need to find a good lawyer to handle your divorce case in Denver, then contact us today for the legal guidance you need from a Denver property division attorney!

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