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Child Relocation in Colorado

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Relocation must be approved by the court if one parent wishes to move more than a certain distance away from the children's other parents. Whether you have primary custody of your children and wish to relocate with them, or your former partner is trying to move with your children, it is important to speak with a qualified Denver family lawyer about your options. With more than 40 years of experience, the family law attorneys at Sturniolo & Associates can protect your rights and your children during relocation proceedings. Let us guide you through your relocation case and provide you with the necessary resources and knowledge to do so.

The Colorado Relocation Procedure and Standards

When a parent seeks to relocate with their child, there are important factors that the Colorado courts will take into consideration. These factors focus on the best interests of the child, which include, but are not limited to:

  • The impact the move will have on the child;
  • The impact the move will have upon the other parent's visitation rights
  • The difference of educational opportunities from where they live now to where they may live;
  • Location of extended family members;
  • Relationships that each parent has with the child;
  • Intentions for the move; and
  • Reasons why the other parent does not agree to the move.

If you wish to move with your children, the state of Colorado requires that you create a written document and give it to the other parent involved. The document must entail:

  • Reasons why you wish to relocate with the children;
  • Intentions of the move;
  • The newly revised parenting plan and visitation schedule; and
  • The location where you wish to move.

Sturniolo & Associates – Skilled Representation for Relocation Proceedings

At Sturniolo & Associates, we can help you properly draft an intent to relocate document and lead you through the relocation process. If your former partner wishes to move with your children, we can advocate on your behalf before the court to protect your relationship with your children and your visitation rights. The best interests and protection of your children are always our main priority. Let us provide you with the superior legal counsel you need: whether it is to gain a fresh start or to ensure that you still get to visit your children.

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